The Chase Sapphire Reserve - Is It Worth it for You?

Like most Premium Travel Rewards Cards, the Chase Sapphire Reserve comes with tons of incredible travel benefits and protections in exchange for a hefty Annual Fee. When I first learned about this card it had an incredible sign-up bonus and unheard of travel benefits. I was immediately interested in getting it, but then I learned about it's $450 Annual Fee and immediately became uninterested! However, a few months later, I decided to actually do the math and my mind soon changed. Instead of writing a long post about why it was worth it for me, I decided that it would be better to put together a nice video review of the card and explain what it has to offer so you can decide for yourself! Check out the video below:

Thanks for watching! I hope that was a helpful review of the card and gave you a little more clarity about whether it's the right card for you! Best wishes for happy hacking and free flying,


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