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About Me

I love to find deals... I mean I LOVE to find the BEST DEALS! Most of my friends know me as the guy to go to when they're trying to travel or life hack. After scoring tons of deals at amazing prices for several of my friends, I finally realized that I needed to share my passion for hacking travel with the world!


I know I may call myself the "Travel Hack King," but I'm still learning new things every day! In fact, to stay on top in this game, you have to be committed to always learning, adjusting, growing and thinking creatively. With that in mind, you can always look to for the best deals and creative hacks to make your travel dreams come true!


The goal of this site is to help anyone, regardless of their level of experience, learn to travel hack like a pro. I hope you will come along and join me for the journey because I absolutely promise you WILL NOT regret it! Come hack with the king and I will help you Learn the Game so you can Live the Dream!


Julian Banks

Travel Hack King

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