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How to Find Airfare Super Sales

Ever wonder how people seem to always know how to score super cheap airline tickets?! Well... I'm here to share a few secrets!

If you haven't already, it's a great idea to check out and follow these pages:

They give several updates each day on incredible airline and hotel deals that come out. They are all completely free to use and are a great way to keep up with all of the flash sales and limited time deals that pop up all the time.

I have all of them liked and followed on my Facebook and have them set to pop to the top of my newsfeed when they post so I can quickly check out a deal and decide if it's for me right when it becomes available. A lot of times these deals are only around for an hour or two, so it's best to have a head start and jump on them fast! In the U.S., there are regulations in place which give you 24 hours to cancel after booking a flight for a full refund. My advice is that if you see a sale you like to a place you want to go, then just book the flights right away and take a day to figure out whether it's feasible. If it is, then keep your tickets! If it's not, then cancel and get your money back! No risk and maximum reward!

Happy hacking! - Julian


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